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❤Hi! Jehona S.I NewYork.

I'm 22 years old.♓ DayDreamer

I lay my head on my pillow recall us in your bed all those nights sleeping next to each other
I see motorcycles everywhere
I see young toddlers I think of you
All I really listen to is rock so I pay close attention to the sounds of the drums because you played and you were damn good and damn devoted all you needed was your chance and you would have done anything in your will power to get it
You were very confident
I think of you when I dance because of the clubs we would go out to I think of you when I drink because of all the cheers we had together and all the late nights coming drunk and fooling around together because we’re both smashed
I think of you when I see green eyes
Every morning on my bus trip I think of you I pass your house I pass where you worked in the city.
I look in the merrier I feel all the thousand of kissed you smothers me all over my face
I lay in bed thinking you’ll never hold me sweese me like you did
I won’t get thousands of calls and texts while I sleep and wake up to you being angry and always always forgiving me for everything I live with regret for how we left off and how you tried to reach me almost every week for 4 months while we where broken up and how you even tried to talk to be the day before it happen to you I seen you the night they had to pull the plug I finally told you I loved you. I regret never telling you it once you told me that 5 times and I say it when it’s too late 😔💔

If all of the shit I’ve been threw wasn’t enough I think my heart will always be broken for you pete I love you and miss you so much.